Hello and welcome to the Khaltotuin Wiki. This is the main reference, development, and resource library for the sci-fi/fantasy fusion setting of Khaltotuin, written and created by Forest Frederick.

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The Daeghra, one of the primary inhabitants of the world of Khaltotuin, believed they were long ago saved from a life of slavery by Imen-Alïsh, their living god, and from Qul Aglar, the Child of Entropy, and brought to the promised land of Khaltotuin within the Second Realm. Their passage through the Rift that Imen-Alïsh created to bring them to the Second Realm, however, altered them in many ways and granted some fantastic powers.

For thousands of years Imen-Alïsh watched over their chosen people, guiding them and ruling them with a benevolent hand, then suddenly, only a little over 300 years ago, Imen-Alïsh disappeared without a trace.

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As this is a development wiki, its main purpose is to gather together all notes and ideas regarding Khaltotuin and put them in an easily navigable and more thought out format. However, the setting is not in open development, meaning only Staff are allowed to make any content-related edits or additions (though non-Staff members may make spelling/grammar/formatting/etc. edits, which will all be reviewed carefully).

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